3 Enticing Recipes for Southern Grits

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Grits are a staple in south whether they are prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In almost every southern movie, you’ll find snappy one liners about grits. If you didn’t know, Grits are coarsely ground corn kernels that are boiled with water or milk to create a creamy porridge like dish. They come in stone ground, hominy, quick and instant. Many cooks have their own preferences about which ones they will use.

“I never make the instant kind – some things a Southerner just won’t do!” Paula Deen

At Broadbent, we sell Stone Ground Grits. You’ll see them sold alone or in part of our breakfast combinations. There are a huge variety of ways to fix them. We are sharing three very popular ways in our recipes below.

Sausage & Grits Breakfast Casserole

1 cup Stone Ground Grits, uncooked
1 lb Grandma Broadbent’s Hickory Smoked sausage
1/2 stick butter
1 egg
1 1/2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded
1 tsp paprika
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped

Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook grits in 4 C. of salted water until thick. Saute your sausage separating it into small even sized pieces. Drain grease from the sausage and pat dry, setting aside. Add egg, butter and 1 c. of shredded cheese to the grits stir to combine. Combine grits with sausage, then pour into a greased 13 x9 casserole dish. Top the dish with the additional cheese, paprika and parsley. Bake around 45-60 minutes, casserole should be lightly brown.

Shrimp & Cheese Grits with Bacon

4 cup water
1 cup stone ground grits
3 T butter
2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded
6 slices Broadbent Hickory Smoked Bacon, chopped
1 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined
3 tsp lemon juice
2 T parsley, chopped
1 cup green onion, thinly sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1 black pepper, to taste

Bring 4 C. of water to a boil in a large pan. Add grits and cook until the water is completely absorbed est. 20-25 minutes. In the meantime, cook your bacon slices then remove from grease and pat dry.  In your bacon pan, save the grease and use to fry your shrimp until they turn pink. Then add lemon juice, green onions, garlic, parsley and sauté a few minutes longer.  When your grits have completely cooked, remove grits form heat and stir in your butter and cheddar cheese. Then layer your grits onto your serving plate(s) and top with the shrimp mixture, then sprinkle with bacon.

Gouda Grits

4 C. Chicken Broth
3 ½ C. Milk
2 tsp. salt
½ tsp black pepper
2 C. uncooked quick grits
6 oz. Gouda Cheese, shredded
¼ C. Butter

In a large pan bring broth, milk, salt and pepper to a boil. Gradually whisk in your grits pouring in evenly as you stir. Reduce heat and simmer uncovered about 10 minutes or until thick, whisking often. Remove from heat and stir in your butter and Gouda cheese. Serve warm.

Grits are really a solid foundation for many recipes, don’t be afraid to try them. Once you’ve got down how to prepare the grits experiment with a variety of pairings to create your own southern traditions. What are some of your favorite ways to prepare grits? Share in the comments below.

Peppered Bacon Spices Up 3 Classic Recipes

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This week we are obsessing over our peppered bacon. This is a treat in and of itself, but it can bring an extra something to some of your favorite recipes. We absolutely love to use and top or wrap our burgers, chicken and shrimp. Peppered bacon adds a bit of spice on top of the savory flavor of bacon. We are bursting at the seams to share some of our favorites recipes where peppered bacon steals the show.

Bacon Pepper jack Mac n’ Cheese

This comfort dish is bursting with flavor due not only to the peppered bacon, but the additional cheeses which come together for an award-winning combination. Consider this meal for your next night in!

4 T Butter
3 T flour
2 C heavy cream
1 C Milk
2 C Pepper Jack Cheese
1 C sharp cheddar cheese (white)
1 ½ C Cheddar Cheese
1 lb. Broadbent Peppered Bacon, cooked & crumbled
16 oz. macaroni noodles


Cook your pasta in a separate pot per package directions then set aside. In a sauce pan melt butter, over about medium heat, whisk in flour once it is fully melted creating a paste. Pour in cream and milk while whisking to get a smooth mixture stirring about 1-2 minutes as it warms. Add in all cheese about 1 cup at a time and whisk avidly. After all the cheese, then add in bacon and fold gently. Pour the cheese and bacon mixture onto the pasta and stir together.

Peppered Bacon & Onion Green Beans

This is an easy and delicious side dish. It is quick to put together but breaks the mold of plain steamed veggies served on the side. The recipe can easily be doubled or tripled for family gatherings.


1 lb. Green Beans, snipped and halved
5 slices of Broadbent Peppered bacon
1 C Sweet Onion, chopped
2 tsp Sugar
½ tsp Fresh Thyme
1 ½ T Apple Cider Vinegar
½ tsp pepper


Bring a pot of water to a boil and toss in green beans to boil about 4 minutes. Pour them into a strainer and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking process. Cook bacon in a large skillet until crisp. Remove bacon but leave grease (around 2 T) in the pan, add onions and saute about 3-4 minutes. Add sugar and thyme continue cooking another 2-3 minutes. Add in apple cider and pepper cooking for about another minute. Toss in bacon and green beans mixing everything together and serve warm.

Spaghetti Pasta Carbonara

This classic pasta dish gets a bit of an upgrade by using peppered bacon. The pepper brings to life the simplicity of this dish. This dish is quick and easy to prepare but there can be a trick to mixing it together quickly at the end for a perfectly creamy sauce.

1 T Olive Oil
½ lb. Broadbent Peppered Bacon, diced
2 garlic cloves
4 whole eggs
1 C Grated Parmesan Cheese
1 lb. Spaghetti Pasta
Salt & Pepper to taste


Boil pasta noodles in a large pot per package directions. While cooking pasta, in a sauté pan heat the olive oil and bacon pieces cooking until crispy. Add garlic and cook another minute. Remove bacon and garlic mixture, set aside in a large bowl (I mean big). In a small bowl, combine ½ c. cheese and eggs and set aside until pasta is al dente. Once the pasta is al dente, pull out with tongs and place in the large bowl with the bacon and garlic, the pasta will be dripping wet toss to combine. Quickly while the pasta is still mostly hot pour the egg mixture and toss to combine. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add some pasta water (start with a tablespoon) and mix to get desired creamy texture. Serve warm and top with the additional parmesan cheese.

These 3 recipes are just the start of what any cook can do to bring more flavor to the kitchen. What ways have you used peppered bacon?

Muffin Tin Mastery


Break out your trusty muffin tin for these perfectly portioned recipes that are quick and easy. Often during the week there is not much time for cooking. Using muffin tins allows you to cook in bulk when it’s convenient for you and enjoy home cooking during the busier days. It also allows for cute presentation and perfect portions.

Breakfast Bites

Soufflé Cups

Muffin tins create perfect portions and portability when it comes to breakfast. By combining your favorite ingredients along with eggs, you can make delicious soufflé cups. This recipe is great for family gatherings or special brunches.

6 sliced Broadbent Bacon, cooked and chopped
½ c. green onions chopped
¼ tsp black pepper
¼ tsp salt
6 Eggs, large
4 Egg whites
1 c. low-fat milk

Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine bacon, onions and pepper. Whisk together eggs, egg whites, milk and salt in a bowl. Coat your muffin tin with cooking spray (use muffin liners if you prefer). Pour eggs mixture even among the 12 cups, then top with bacon mixture. Bake until tops begin to brown around 25 minutes.


These mini-pancakes are perfect for small children or to take in the car. You can customize them and make them different flavors or all the same. These also freeze well after baking and can be reheated throughout the week.

Broadbent Pancake Mix
Toppings (chocolate chips, blueberries, strawberries, etc)

Mix your pancake mix with water until you reach the desired consistency (per the package directions). Pour into your greased muffin tins and fill ½-3/4 way full, then put your desired toppings on (press them in slightly). Bake around 10-12 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sizes are perfect and any of your breakfast favorites can be basically be baked into muffin tins including other favorites such as oatmeal, breads and stuffed biscuits. This is a great way to use up what you have on hand, even if there isn’t enough to feed everyone in one sitting.

Lunch & Dinner Delights
Make up a big batch of your favorite soup(s) on a day when you’ve got time on your hands. Once it has cooled to room temperature ladle it into your muffin tin, then place directly in the freezer. I recommend a few hours depending on your freeze (deep freeze is usually quicker). Once they are good and frozen pop out the individual soups and store in a freezer safe bag.  Then when you’re ready to eat, pop out as many you want and heat them up in the microwave. This can be great for kids who are old enough to reheat their own foods as a simple snack, or to keep waste down. You can also always use this trick to save left overs for longer than a day or two.

*If you freeze soups with pasta in them, the pasta may break in the freezer but it won’t affect taste.

BBQ Bacon Burger Bites
1lb. ground beef (lean)
½ c. Broadbent Hickory Bacon, cooked & chopped
½ c. biscuit mix
1 egg
1 tsp BBQ seasoning
¼ c BBQ sauce
3 slices sharp Cheddar Cheese, quartered

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray your 12-cup muffin tin with cooking spray. In a large bowl combine beef, bacon, biscuit mix, eggs and BBQ seasoning. Divide it evenly among all 12 cups. Press down to create a firm connection. Bake 14-17 minutes or until the beef has been cooked to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Then brush with BBQ sauce, top with cheese. Bake a few moments longer allowing cheese to melt.

*If you wanted to freeze these simply stop once the meat is cooked, and add cheese with a touch of BBQ sauce during the reheating process.

Try these recipes to fill your freezer and keep your weeknights full of flavor. Try making your family favorites using muffin tins. I love how they create customizable portions and can let children feel more in charge. Be sure to customize recipes for your families likes and dislikes. Share below any recipes or items you know freeze well.

Cast Iron Skillet Recipes

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From breakfast to dessert Cast-Iron is a go to tool for many southern cooks. It’s versatility allows it to go from the stove top to the oven. It makes clean up a breeze and gives crusty goodness to many of your favorite baked dishes. Below are three of our favorite dishes that we pull out our trusty cast-iron skillet to make.

Ham & Cheese Breakfast Quiche

This rich and delicious breakfast is a snap to put together and feeds an average family easily. The crust can be made from scratch if you wish, but you can easily purchase a ready-made dough to make this meal quick and easy with minimal clean up. Feel free to add additional ingredients that your family loves just be sure to not overfill the crust. I add mushrooms because we love, love, love them.


1 pastry crust

8 Eggs

1 pint Heavy Cream

½ lb. Broadbent Ham, chopped

16 oz. Swiss Cheese, shredded


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your rolled-out pastry crust along the bottom of your cast iron skillet. In a large bowl, mix together eggs and cream well. Then add ham and 8 oz of the cheese to the mixture folding gently to combine. Pour egg mix into the pastry crust and sprinkle the remaining cheese on top. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until eggs are completely cooked (poke with a fork and fork comes out clean).

Chicken Bacon Ranch Skillet

This dish is easy to make but feels like it’s right from the restaurant kitchen. Chicken Bacon Ranch is a combination hot in the food industry right now. Make this version at home and share with the whole family served alongside fresh vegetables such as green bean or corn.


8 Chicken Thighs

12 slices Broadbent Bacon

8 oz. Cheddar Cheese, shredded

Black Pepper to taste

Ranch Dressing for drizzle


Cut bacon into bite size pieces and cook in cast-iron skillet on medium heat until bacon is fully cooked but not crispy. In the meantime, cut chicken thighs into bite size pieces. Remove bacon and set aside on paper towels (to help remove some grease). Reserve drippings in pan and place chicken pieces seasoned with pepper; cook until no longer pink. Add bacon back into the skillet and toss to blend with chicken. Sprinkle on shredded cheese and drizzle a light layer of ranch across the top.

*Do not add salt until dish is tasted, the bacon will add salt to the entire dish.

Simple Peach Cobbler

Dessert is just as easy to whip up with a few simple ingredients and a deep cast iron skillet. This is a go to for unexpected guests as all the ingredients can be kept in your pantry and it can be tossed together in only a few moments. Using a cast iron skillet really gives it a crispy edge, though if you don’t own cast iron feel free to use a 9 x 13 baking dish.


1 large (29 ounce) can sliced peaches -drained

1 C Butter- melted

2 C Sugar

2 C Flour

2 C Milk

2 tsp Baking Powder


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Layer peaches into your cast iron skillet. Evenly distribute melted butter over peaches. In a bowl combine sugar, flour, baking powder and milk to create a batter. Pour batter evenly onto peach and butter mixture. Bake for roughly 45 minutes or until golden brown.

If you’re looking to use your cast-iron skillet more consider trying many of your regular baking projects in your skillet instead. Brownies are another one of my favorites to bake in cast-iron. If you have a favorite cast iron recipe share in the comments below. Let’s get cooking!

Caring for Cast Iron Cookware

cast iron cookware graphicCast iron is often mentioned in southern cookbooks and recipes. Cast iron is a unique material that offers many characteristics that other materials simply do not offer. My favorite is that it can be used on the stove top then transferred to the oven. I always use cast-iron for pineapple upside cakes, hands down it is the easiest way to do it. One pan equals less clean-up.

There is another advantage unique to cast-iron, the more you use it the better it gets. Unlike any other material on the market it gets better with age. These pans can last over a hundred years and are often handed down through the generations.

If you’ve got a cast-iron pan or plan to purchase one, here are a few tips to clarify using and caring for it to keep it working well and lasting for a long, long time.

#1 Always season your Pan

Always season your pan when you first bring it home, even if it is brand new and says pre-seasoned. This can be done by simply heating it on the stove top until it is smoking hot, then rub oil into and let it cool. Repeat this a few times then you’ll be good to go. Another common method is doing essentially the same in the oven.

#2 Wash Nicely

Don’t be afraid to use soup and water to clean your traditional cast iron. The seasoning layer of the pan is actually polymerized oil and will not be removed with standard dish soap and water. Do not however soak cast iron. Instead wash it and dry it immediately then apply a thin layer of oil to re-season your pan.

*If you de-glaze your pan immediately after cooking, clean-up will be a breeze.

#3 Stay Dry!

The biggest tip is to keep your cast iron as dry as possible when not actively being used. Why? Rust spots will occur if there are any wet areas over time. I personally wash mine then return it to the warm stove for just a few minutes and let the heat evaporate the water. I then take a paper towel with a few drops of oil and rub it along the inside of the pan.

#4 Store Properly

Store your cast iron pan in any space where it will not have a chance of encountering moisture. You can stack multiple together with little to no problems as cast iron is very resistant to scratches.

Now that you know how to properly care for your cast-iron and aren’t afraid to use, let’s start cooking. Share a comment or link below with some of your favorite cast-iron recipes. Come back next week and we will share our top 3 recipes for cast iron cooking.


3 Recipes Starring Corn Bread Graphic

January is a great time of year to use up all those pantry items, like corn bread mix. Corn bread is a southern staple that is often eaten alongside many comfort meals. It can often be an element that sticks the sidelines. We are sharing 3 recipes that will make corn bread a more memorable part of your dinner.

Corn Casserole

This is an easy casserole that makes a filling side dish for family gatherings. It only utilizes 5 ingredients keeping your kitchen cleaner and saving a lot of time. The ingredients are also common to the average household pantry, so you likely won’t need to make extra trips to the store.


1 can whole kernel Corn
1 can Creamed Corn
1 C. Sour Cream
1 C. Broadbent Cornbread mix
1 Stick of Butter (or Margarine)


Toss all 5 ingredients into a large bowl and mix until evenly blended. Put entire mixture into a greased 8 x 8 baking pan and bake for about 50 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Corn & Zucchini Casserole

This is another easy recipe that holds its own as a filling side dish but with the added benefit of Zucchini. It can be a sneaky way to feed the children an extra vegetable. These casseroles are also easy to reheat and travel well.


1 Stick of Butter or Margarine
1 C. Broadbent Cornbread Mix
1 Egg, large
1/3 C Milk
1 C Onion, chopped
1 can Creamed Corn
2 C. Zucchini, shredded


Preheat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. In a large mixing bowl combine cornbread mix, egg and milk stirring well. Mix in onion, creamed corn and shredded Zucchini. Melt butter (can put stick in oven and let it melt while you mix the rest) pour in the bottom of an 9 x 9 baking dish, then place batter on top butter. Bake about 30 minutes until golden brown.

Taco Cornbread Casserole

This is a weeknight dish to savor. It brings together two comfort foods for a winning combination. Don’t be afraid to personalize it and let kids add whatever they normally enjoy on tacos. I great way to make this dinner recipe take less time is to cook your ground beef in bulk. I cook up 2-3 pounds of ground beef at one time and season it, then freeze it for our next night of dinners.


1 C Broadbent cornbread mix
3 C cooked taco seasoned meat
1 C sour cream, light
1 C Mexican cheese blend, shredded and divided
1/2 cup onion, chopped
1 medium tomato, chopped
1 C shredded lettuce

Prepare cornbread mix per the package in a large bowl. Spread into a greased 8 x 8 pan.  Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes.  Remove cornbread from oven and spread meat over cornbread.  Combine sour cream, 3/4 cup cheese and onion, then spread over meat mixture.  Bake for 15 minutes longer or until heated through and cheese is melted.  Sprinkle with tomato, lettuce and remaining 1/4 cup of cheese.

These 3 recipes are an easy way to make use of that cornbread mix that usually sit and wait for Chili night. It can be very budget friendly to whip up one of the sides as a last-minute addition to a party with little prep work. If you do want to keep corn bread as a bread addition to your meal, try adding Broadbent’s peppered bacon (precooked & crumbled). They are a medley of sweet and savory together. Do you have a favorite meal that includes Corn Bread? Share in the comments below.



pablo (5)

A southern biscuit bar party is a trend down south growing in popularity. It is a fun and simple theme for a brunch get- together especially for small to medium size crowds. This is an easy option for a shower, late morning wedding, or pre-ceremony brunch. This time of year, (January) the holiday season is over; we will now have a generally quiet period until Easter. During this quiet time though it can be fun to have a simple get together to enjoy company and catch up.

To help you entertain in this fun fashion, we have gathered a few tips.

#1 Start with a delicious biscuit.

The best biscuits are of course homemade. Here at Broadbent, we sell a biscuit mix that need only be mixed with water to the desired consistency. You can roll them out and cut them into the traditional round shape with a biscuit cutter (cookie cutter or cup). Be sure to dip your cutter in flour for a smooth cut and place them on a baking sheet. If you want to prepare them ahead of time, they can be placed in the freezer. Once they are frozen solid, you can secure them in a Ziploc freezer bag and store for about 30 days or less. On the day of the gathering, remove from freezer and lay on baking sheets a bit before they bake so they can defrost.

#2 _______ on-a-biscuit.

Since this will often be a meal, think about offering a variety of toppings that will allow it to be filling for all guests. The most popular on-a-biscuit items are fried chicken strips, Broadbent country ham slices, Broadbent bacon, and fried green tomatoes.  Gravy including sausage gravy can also be a filling addition to biscuits. These items are traditionally served hot; consider a chaffing dish or bringing them out of the oven in a dish ready to serve.

#3 Jellies, Jams & Butters.

For those wanting a lighter biscuit, offer a variety of popular jellies, jams or butters. My favorite is apple butter. Honey and Sorghum are also population options. Keep these items chill in small serving bowls until about time for guests to arrive. Line them up on the table clearly labeled and allow them to come to room temperature. Be sure to provide small spoons or knives for spreading.

These items can be cooked or prepped ahead of time and reheated just before serving.  This makes it easy for a morning time gathering. It can also be a fun way to try new items or ask friends and family to bring some of their prized homemade items. Many families can in the south and it can add to the festivities to bring out those preserves when the traditional fruits are not in season.  Make Broadbent your one stop shop for your upcoming breakfast bar.

What are your favorite biscuit toppings? Share in the comments below, any suggestions you would offer for a better biscuit bar.

What’s for Brinner?

Brinner Graphic

Breakfast for dinner is rising in popularity. Across fast food and sit-down restaurants alike Brinner is becoming more and more of a mainstream concept. There could be several reasons, several articles have expressed that often our lives move at such a fast pace that a big breakfast is not possible during traditional breakfast time. It could simply be that breakfast foods are awesome! (They really are bacon, sausage, pancakes, waffles)

With winter temperatures really beginning to set in across the nation, more individuals are looking for warm meals that are quick and easy. We thought we would share some of our favorite brinner recipes that give you more time to spend away from the stove, but warm comfort as well.  Several can also be prepped ahead of time to further cut down weeknight cooking time.

Tater Tot Sausage Breakfast Casserole

This is a casserole comprised of ingredients easily in your fridge and pantry. It can be made ahead of time covered and refrigerated, to then be popped in the oven when you’re ready. You can add other favorite items to make it your own. I sometimes add green peppers, mushrooms and fresh onions. The combination of high protein eggs, sausage and potatoes make this a hearty meal that won’t leave anyone hungry.


2 lb hot Broadbent breakfast sausage (feel free to substitute mild)

1 bag frozen tater tots

1 tsp Salt

½ tsp garlic powder

¼ tsp onion powder

1 ½ c. Shredded Cheddar Cheese

½ C Mozzarella Cheese

8 Eggs

2 C. Milk


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Fully cook your breakfast sausage until golden brown. (no pink)  In a large bowl, toss tater tots, cooked sausage and cheese together. Pour into a 9×13 casserole dish (non-stick or coated with non-stick oil) In a separate bowl whisk together eggs, salt, pepper, onions, garlic and milk. Pour liquid mixture over tater tote and sausage mixture. Bake uncovered 50-60 minutes, until eggs are completely cooked.


Farmer’s Breakfast Bowl

This blend of ingredients frequently found in most kitchens, but tossed together in one pan for an easy to clean up meal. It can be completely customized to fit your family, don’t be afraid to let the kids choose ingredients and try it different ways each time you prepare it. You will make it more than once because it is delicious.


1 bag (32 oz) diced potatoes (can use fresh about 6-8 medium potatoes chopped very small)

1 chopped Green bell pepper

1 chopped onion

1 lb (16 oz) Broadbent diced ham (pull out those leftovers!)

8 eggs

1-2 c. Cheddar Cheese

Salt & Pepper to taste


In a large skillet (cast iron is perfect for this as they tend to be deeper) add 2 T oil ad fry potatoes, pepper, onions and ham on medium heat until potatoes are tender yet crispy. In another pan add your eggs and scramble to cook ( I personally add a bit of milk to fluff up my eggs). Once cooked add eggs and potatoes together tossing evenly. Sprinkle on cheese and toss until it melts, sprinkle on salt & pepper to taste.

Biscuits & Gravy Overnight Breakfast Casserole

Biscuits and gravy is a true classic especially here in the south. This recipe puts it in a casserole form and can be made the night before or the morning off and set in the refrigerator for dinner that night. Feel free to use hot sausage if your family likes a bit of heat.


16 oz can of biscuits

8 eggs

1 lb Broadbent breakfast sausage

1 C. Shredded Cheddar Cheese

5 T butter

5 T Flour

2 ¼ C Milk

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp salt


Prepare a 9×13 pan (non-stick), line bottom with biscuits torn into bite size pieces (1 inch). Fully cook sausage in skillet. Layer sausage over the biscuits, then layer on shredded cheddar cheese. In a separate bowl, whisk together ¾ C Milk, ½ tsp salt, and ½ tsp pepper. Pour the egg mixture over the biscuits. (Cover and refrigerate overnight)

For gravy, in a sauce pan melt 5 T butter, once melted whisk in 5 T flour until the mixture is paste like. Add in remaining salt and pepper. Turn heat to low, and whisk in 1 1/5 c. of milk stir constantly. Once gravy is thickened set aside. (Refrigerate in a bowl)

Ready to Cook. When your ready remove items from the refrigerator and pour gravy mixture over the biscuits. Cook at 350 degrees covered for about 30-35 minutes, then remove cover and 10-15 additional minutes allowing eggs to completely cook and cheese turns golden brown.

These 3 dishes are our favorites, they exemplify traditional comfort breakfast foods. Each one can be made for a quick week night dinner with a bit of prep time. Feel free to stay in, use up those items you’ve likely already got in your home and enjoy a delicious meal.

What are your favorite breakfast for dinner ideas? Share in the comments.

3 Easy Appetizers for New Year’s Eve

3 appetizers New Years Eve graphic


Can you believe we are only 4 days away from 2017? We are looking forward to another year filled with growth, family and traditions. There are many different traditions for the new year. We always celebrate with family fun and delicious food. Instead of a large meal, we simply do a mix of finger foods that can be eaten throughout the evening. This year we wanted to share a few of our favorites. These 3 recipes are easy and tasty without a lot of clean up.

Bacon Bites

Combining cheese and bacon you can never go wrong. We love these easy and picturesque Bacon Bites. We suggest microwaving or baking your bacon for ease and quick clean up. If your making other dishes with bacon, you can easily cook the bacon ahead of time and crumble then store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


1 (10 ounce) can Rotel tomatoes, drained (can use plain if you want to avoid spiciness)

2½ cups Broadbent bacon, crumbled

1 cup shredded swiss cheese

8 ounces softened cream cheese

45 frozen phyllo pastry cups, thawed (you can use the sheets and cut circles with cookie cutters if you can’t find cups)


Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees. Mix the drained tomatoes, bacon pieces, swiss cheese & cream cheese in a bowl till blended. Spoon mixture into thawed phyllo cups. You want them mostly full. I filled them about ½” above the cups. Place filled cups onto a baking sheet. Bake for 15-20 or until heated and cheese is melted.

Sausage Balls

This is one of our family favorites! The recipe is super simple and easy, they are quick and kid friendly. Feel free to let the kids help and get hands on in the kitchen.  We serve our sausage balls as they are but many families enjoy serving dipping sauces along side. If you prefer try dipping sauces such as honey mustard, spicy catsup, or one of the several other options floating around Pinterest.sausage balls


1 lb. Broadbent Breakfast Sausage, thawed

2 C. Broadbent biscuit mix

1 lb. Cheddar cheese, Shredded


Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl combine sausage, biscuit mix and cheese. You can do this with a fork or utensil, but hands usually become the easiest as you want it mixed very well. Form walnut size balls (1 inch), then place on a non-stick cookie sheet. Bake 20-25 minutes, until golden brown and sausage is cooked all the way through. (No pink) To prevent sticking, you can move the balls with a spatula about halfway through the cooking process.

Loaded Baked Potato Rounds

Potatoes are a comfort classic but we are stepping away from the table making them travel ready. This recipe is easy to put together and you can customize it by adding any of your favorites such as a small dollop of sour cream. Potatoes are also a filling food that is budget friendly, the chives add color and make them feel extra festive. These are perfect for picky eaters!

Ingredientspotato rounds

5-6 baby red potatoes, sliced about ¼ inch thick rounds

Olive Oil, enough to brush potatoes

2 c. Shredded Cheddar Cheese

8 strips Broadbent Hickory Bacon, cooked and chopped

3 chopped chives

Salt & Pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Line backing sheets with parchment paper, trust us it will make the clean up a breeze and avoid tearing the potato rounds. Lay the potato rounds out in a single layer across both sheets then brush with olive oil. Bake about 30 minutes, flipping the potatoes halfway through for even baking. Remove from oven and top with cheese, bacon and chives. Return to oven about 10 minutes, the key is that the cheese is melted. Add any extras (cold sour cream) and serve warm.

How does your family celebrate the New Year? Share in the comments below

Preparing your Ham for Christmas Dinner

Prep Christmas Ham blog graphic
At Broadbent B & B Foods, we offer our country style hams cooked or uncooked. Depending on which you purchased will make a bit of difference in how you get them ready for the big day. Hopefully your ham is already waiting or on its way since Christmas is only 6 days away! Can you believe it!!

Cooked Hams

If you’ve purchased your ham pre-cooked, the only labor task will be the slicing. Once you receive your fully cooked ham, immediately freeze or refrigerate until ready to use. If you received your ham well in advanced and have kept it frozen, transfer it to the refrigerator allowing it to thaw. The estimation for ham thawing in the refrigerator is about 4-6 hours per pound. (i.e. A 15 lb ham should go to the fridge about 3-4 days prior to the event)

For the best flavor, we recommend serving at room temperature. Remove your ham from the refrigerator approximately 4 hours before the scheduled meal time. Slice to desired thickness and present on a platter, garnished if you wish.

If you want to heat your ham and add a glaze click here for further instruction.

Uncooked Hams

Once you’ve received your uncooked ham, be sure to hang it in a cool dark place away from pests or animals. (The last thing you need to find out is that fluffy ate Christmas dinner early) Leave the ham in the cloth bag then place it in a grocery sack for extra protection and close it up tight. Hams can hang for quite a while at a stable room temperature, each ham is guaranteed for up to 30 days if stored and protected properly.

Additional hanging time does not increase the quality of the ham, we aim to deliver hams at their quality peaks and longer hang times can results in saltier drier ham. If you’ve ordered ham well in advance, feel free to freeze it up to 6 months after properly wrapping it for freezing.

Recommended Cooking Instructions: Oven Baked (Most popular method)

About 24 hours before the big day arrives, remove the ham from the bag and rinse it with warm water scrubbing off any mold that may have occurred. (Don’t worry this is a naturally occurring part of the curing process and will not harm anyone if it is removed)

Once removed and cleaned immerse the whole ham in fresh water (in any bowl or other vessel large enough to contain the ham and water) along with one cup vinegar and one cup of brown sugar.


Photos by Tim Vidra of timvidraeats.com

**If you want to reduce the saltiness, take an extra 24 hours to let the ham soak in plain water before soaking it in the water, vinegar, brown sugar mixture. (If this is your first country ham I highly recommend this!)






After it’s long bath, rinse the ham again cut off the ham hock and keep for seasoning (can freeze if desired or use immediately). Line a deep roasting pan with heavy-duty aluminum foil (easy cleanup!). Place ham skin side down into the pan, add 1 quart of water. Sprinkle the top of the ham with 1-1 ¼ cup brown sugar. Completely seal the ham, sugar and water with foil overtop and double folded along the seam. Place in a cold oven, which should be set for 325-350 degrees. Cook until the internal temperature (get out your meat thermometer) reads 160-165 degrees. Be sure to poke the thermometer through the foil and into the center of the ham (do not touch bone or fat).  Cook time depends on weight of the ham plan for 16-22 minutes per pound. (i.e. 15 lb ham will take about 4-5 ½ hours in the oven)

Photos by Tim Vidra of timvidraeats.com

Once the ham’s internal temperature reaches the desired 160-165 degrees Fahrenheit remove it from the oven and remove the foil top. Trim off the skin and trim down the fat to ¼-3/8 inch thick. Glaze with your choice of glazes. Our recommended glaze is equal parts brown sugar and honey. Return the ham to the oven, turned up to 450 degrees and cook an additional 7 minutes or until golden brown.

***If you would like to boil your ham rather than cook it in the oven click here for those instructions.

Storing Leftovers

When it’s all over if you still have ham as leftovers, be sure to wrap them up removing as much air as possible before storing. Your ham may be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks. It can be frozen for up to three months. If you need ideas for what to do with the left overs, check out one of our previous blog http://bit.ly/2fI3yCQ which offers a few ideas.

We would like to take a moment and thank you all for a wonderful 2016. We are so lucky to have loyal customers and to be a part of new and long standing family traditions. We wish you a very happy holiday season!