Charcuterie, What Does That Mean?

Char-cu-te-rie: It’s a big trendy word that you hear all the time these days. An old paper dictionary I have, gives the definition of Charcuterie as the Craft of salting, smoking and curing meats. A newer version found on the internet gives the definition as cold cooked or cured meats.

Broadbent’s would definitely qualify as the makers of Charcuterie. We dry cure our hams and bacon with a salt mixture. Then we age and smoke our hams and bacon. The process creates very bold flavors.

Charcuterie boards have become all the rage. Slices from our Heritage Ham are perfect for prosciutto like slices or use our Pre-Cooked Country Ham along with our Sweet and Tangy Mustard. We have everything you need if you’re preparing a breakfast or brunch board. Delicious Country Ham, Smoked Bacon and Breakfast Sausage paired with Biscuits, Honey, Sorghum, Strawberry and Blackberry Preserves are all you need. Visit our website at or stop by our store in Kuttawa, Kentucky to check out all of our varieties of “Charcuterie Meats” and condiments.

Broadbent B&B Foods

Broadbent B & B Foods, have been producing Old Fashioned Country Hams since 1909. A Truly American Food that has been on this continent since colonial days, it was a staple that sustained many of our first settlers as they moved west. The climate had to be just right to cure hams in the days before electricity, and Kentucky's climate fit the bill! Therefore, the Broadbent family brought those traditions with them and used them to dry cure and preserve their pork. Today, we are still dry curing Country Ham, Bacon, and Sausage like our forefathers did. In modern cuisine, country ham is far from a Staple. It is found on the menus of ritzy restaurants across The United States. While it is still, in fact, Country Ham, it is often cut paper thin, and labelled as Prosciutto; which is used as the center piece for many Charcuterie Boards.