Freedom isn’t Free.

This month, as we begin to ponder all that we are thankful for, I would like to highlight one thing that often gets taken for granted…

I have been fortunate enough to make friends and acquaintances from all around the globe. I have heard life stories from individuals who have called some of our planet’s most nightmarish vistas home. I know a man who grew up in prosperity in Syria, before civil war wracked the country and he had to flee. People from the former Soviet Union where the Oligarchs drove the price of simple goods as high as a week’s pay. I know families from Mexico and Guatemala where cartels openly operate as judge, jury, and executioner without fear of military reprimand. Vietnam, Nigeria, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Ukraine, Cambodia, Kosovo, the list goes on, but I digress. What we have, that these societies lack, fundamentally, is freedom and the means to uphold it.

We live the way we do- Stressed, but not afraid. In a hurry, but not on the run. When the Government does something we disagree with, we have a voice to speak out against injustice (or even inconvenience) without fear of reprisal or imprisonment. All of these things I say to you, we are afforded because of the Men and Women of The Unites States Military. Those 7.6% of Americans who heard duty’s call, and answered. Not with excuses, but with action.

If you have ever served this proud nation, be it in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard, we at Broadbent’s would like to take this opportunity to thank you. From the very bottoms of our hearts, we thank you for being true American heroes. Wherever the enemies of life, liberty, and happiness may rear their ugly heads, poising to strike at us with contempt and terror, they know that the United States stands stalwart and ready to defend her allies, interests, and citizens from all threats, both foreign and domestic. They may hit us, but we have a proud and storied history of hitting back harder. If you have ever been one of our “Hitters”, we salute you.

May God bless you, and may God bless The United States of America.

Some Background: Today, is November 11, 2019. Veteran’s Day.  101 years ago, on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, World War One was called to an end. Armistice Day, as a holiday, was inaugurated exactly one year later at Buckingham Palace in Great Britain. The day included a two-minute period of silence, an opportunity to reflect and thank those who hadn’t come home. While in Europe, the day is more akin to Memorial Day here in the US, the fact remains that this is the origin of our Veteran’s Day.


Broadbent B&B Foods

Broadbent B & B Foods, have been producing Old Fashioned Country Hams since 1909. A Truly American Food that has been on this continent since colonial days, it was a staple that sustained many of our first settlers as they moved west. The climate had to be just right to cure hams in the days before electricity, and Kentucky's climate fit the bill! Therefore, the Broadbent family brought those traditions with them and used them to dry cure and preserve their pork. Today, we are still dry curing Country Ham, Bacon, and Sausage like our forefathers did. In modern cuisine, country ham is far from a Staple. It is found on the menus of ritzy restaurants across The United States. While it is still, in fact, Country Ham, it is often cut paper thin, and labelled as Prosciutto; which is used as the center piece for many Charcuterie Boards.