Partnering with Principled Suppliers

As a company that deals in animal products, we often receive questions from customers wanting to understand how we treat and raise our livestock. Here at Broadbent’s, we do not slaughter the animals. Instead, we purchase our meat from multiple suppliers. As a business, we pride ourselves on purchasing from companies that raise their livestock with respect, kindness and quality living conditions.

Farmland Foods

Farmland Foods provides us Hams, Bellies, and Sausage Trimmings. They have been in business since 1959, producing high-quality pork. Their facilities have Animal Care Programs in place.  These programs guide the care of the animals at every stage of their lives and the hog producers they buy from must employ this management system. Their animal care targets remain 100% Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) compliant and certified at both company-owned and contract farms.  As they continue to better their facilities, they plan to have completed the conversion from individual gestation stalls to group housing for pregnant sows by the end of 2017.

Animal Care at their plants consists of animals being treated with respect using a systematic approach that includes the following:  An animal welfare and humane handling manual; A comprehensive training program; and an auditing system with internal verification and third-party audits.  They follow a quality management program based on the American Meat Institute’s Animal Handling Guidelines.

Antibiotic use consists of the appropriate administration of antibiotics to prevent, control and treat diseases and to ensure good health in its pigs. They meet all FDA guidelines regarding the use of antibiotics in food production. Company and contract farmers administer antibiotics only when necessary for animal health.

Heritage Foods USA

Heritage Foods USA guarantees that all animals are raised humanely and sustainably, without antibiotics or hormones, using traditional farming methods. As a company, they champion the strict protocols of their individual farmers and the extraordinary taste and flavor that results from raising animals well.  All animals are free range.

Traditional Farming Methods

If you are unfamiliar with farm life, traditional farming is like organic farming. The farmers have a mixed farm with both livestock and crops.  While they use modern technology and equipment the livestock is housed and feed on the land. What your mind likely imagines when you hear “Old McDonald had a farm”. As opposed to those farmers that produce one animal in mass and bring in food from outside sources that may have hormones to increase the size or growth cycles of the animals.

While Broadbent may do business with additional suppliers in the future; we will continue to only partner with farms which practice healthy and high quality of life for livestock. We look forward to continuing the Broadbent B & B Foods tradition of Dry -Curing meats enjoyed across the dinner tables for many generations to come.


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