5 Tips for Tailgating

September 20th, 2016

5 Tips for Tailgating Graphic

Football season is about to ramp up and we can’t wait for one of our favorite traditions. Tailgating is an experience built around the community of fans. Each team has their dedicated fans who deck themselves out in team colors to show support. If you’re planning to enjoy the game from the stadium, check out these 5 easy tips to make your tailgating experience the best one yet!

#1 Skip The Traffic

Be sure to plan to reach the parking lot early for a stress free experience. For a noon game, consider arriving around 8:30 am. This will let you skip the traffic and allow ample time for setting up your game day feast and festivities. Skip the post-game traffic by hanging out longer. Chilling with friends beats traffic any day.

#2 Plan ahead

Know your party and plan how much food, drinks and space will be needed. Avoid being crowded in a small spot, or not have enough chairs for everyone. Designate a meeting space, or tactic. If several are meeting there bring a unique flag or balloon arrangement something to let your group find you easily in a large crowd.

#3 Ice Cold Drinks

Most tailgaters want a cold beverage during the experience, whatever the flavor. Try placing your beverages in a salt-water ice bath to get them cold quickly and chilling all day. The added salt lowers the freezing point of water, allowing the cold water temperature to drop below 0 degrees Celsius. If you plan to tailgate in the winter or just a chilly morning, remember to pack the coffee and/or hot chocolate to make the experience more comfortable.

#4 Don’t forget the food.

You may be there for the game, but the food is what makes it tailgating. Bring enough food to satisfy everyone in your party. Grilling is the most popular means of cooking, prepare the food ahead as much as possible and be sure to marinade any meats the night before. We highly recommend ham steaks, they are filling, easy to grill and break the norm of burgers and dogs. We also suggest, adding a bit extra in case you make new friends or your party unexpectedly grows.

#5 Bring the Shade

In Summer, the sun can shine strong and parking lot areas are notoriously hot. Besides the shade, a canopy or pop-up tent will offer shelter if unexpected showers happen. Don’t forget the stakes to keep your top down if it gets windy. We know the die-hard fans will be there rain, snow, sun, or wind.


Don’t forget to have fun! Tailgating is meant to be an experience, so kick back with all the other fans and engage in the fun. No one will care if you do accidentally forget the napkins if the experience is positive overall. What is your favorite tip for tailgating? Share in the comments.

Written by Laura Oberle

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