Subtle Flavor Distinctions of Broadbent’s Bacon

Broadbent’s bacon is worlds apart from the average super market bacon based on the 100-year strong dry curing process that it is a family tradition alone. Every slab is hand rubbed with our dry cure ingredients, then slow smoked for an unforgettable flavor that has been loved for generations.  During the smoking is where subtle distinction come in which create our 4 different bacon flavors. Let’s take just a few minutes to compare each flavor of bacon with recommendations on using it best in complimentary dish ideas.

Hickory Smoked Bacon

Broadbent’s Hickory smoked bacon is our most popular selling bacon. This classic country bacon is still made the same way it has been for over 100 years. It’s slow smoked with hickory to give it that unforgettable flavor that has been loved for generations. This is the most common compared with those found in your local supermarket which is often labeled hickory or simply smoked.

Recommend this bacon as the go-to bacon for using in dishes as the savory, salty flavor is powerful enough to compliment hearty dishes such as potato soup, beans or casseroles.

Applewood Smoked Bacon

Applewood smoked bacon is a pleasingly sweet, yet milder smoked bacon. This cut is smoked over apple wood chips infusing the bacon with a hint of sweetness after being dry-cured.  This bacon is recommended for a customer who is not used to the stronger Hickory Smoke or does not like the stronger hickory smoked flavor.

Recommend this bacon for recipes which are lighter such as in salads, BLTs, or on sandwiches with avocado.

Maplewood Smoked Bacon

Broadbent’s Maplewood Smoked Bacon is dry cured the old-fashioned way, then smoked with Maplewood for a delicious sweet flavor. Maple wood is a common flavor in breakfast meats especially.

Recommend this bacon for a breakfast dish to complement other traditional favorites including pancakes and waffles.

Pepper Bacon

Broadbent’s Pepper Bacon is a more unique experience. It’s been nationally recognized both in 2002 and 2005 as the “Outstanding Meat, Pate or Seafood” by the International Fancy Food Show for its superior quality and flavor. The bacon is coated in a hand rub of our own special blend of pepper and dry-cure it until it reaches perfection.

Recommended for non-breakfast dishes including pasta salads, sandwiches, wrapping around other meats, etc.

The smoking of the meat is a unique part of our process. While we recommend trying each flavor and pairing it with different meals, we know everyone has a favorite. We’d love for you to share your favorite flavor and/or meal using bacon in the comments.


There’s Kentucky country ham, and then there’s Kentucky country ham from Broadbent’s. The makers of award-winning Kentucky country ham, hickory smoked bacon, and smoked sausage. The tradition of making products of the highest quality has been the same for over 100-years. Whether your tastes in Ham flavor is salty or sweet, we’ve got the perfect Ham for any occasion including special events and holiday dinners! Please Browse through our selections, all guaranteed to please!