Spooky Meal Plan for Halloween Festivities

There are so many creative ideas concerning food around the holidays, and Halloween is no exception. With a wide range of pumpkin-based meals and monster-themed goodies, it can be hard to decide which foods to prepare. We’ve included a few options that are sure to have your guests leaving happy.

Frightening Feasts

Let’s face it — pumpkin is the food of the season. With chilly weather making its comeback, warm meals are a necessity, and this pumpkin beef stew recipe combines the best of both worlds.

Your guests are likely to get a tingle up their spines when they eat the chorizo and caramelized onions stuffed intestines. This recipe brings an element of awed disturbance that works perfectly with the Halloween spirit.

There’s nothing like the perfect topping to your favorite meal, and this baked ham with apple cider maple glaze recipe has just that.  Try our Broadbent bone-in Traditional City Ham when whipping up this tasty recipe.

Devilish Desserts

If you like to add a hint of shock to your Halloween creations, consider trying out these severed hand pies to leave a lasting impression. A meal like this sure does come in hand-y.

For a twist on the classic family favorite, try your hand at these Hocus Pocus-inspired s’mores pops. It’ll have your guests coming back for s’more.

Call forth the spirits of the dead with this delicious graveyard cake. Ghosts, ghouls and restless souls alike will enjoy the chocolate-y sensation of this gooey cake.

Blood-Curdling Beverages

The creepiness factor works perfectly with this eyeball punch recipe. Who knew blueberries could transform so perfectly into realistic-looking eyeballs?

The fall season brings a craving for warm, refreshing drinks. This warm spiced cider recipe is sure to give you your fill of cinnamon and apple while creating a sense of coziness.

If you enjoy the Harry Potter movies, try your very own version of the polyjuice potion punch. It’s sure to be a hit with the young witches and wizards.

Halloween is a time to enjoy with close friends and family. Whether you don your creative costumes, take the kids trick-or-treating, or opt to stay in and have a marathon of your favorite spooky films, there’s something special about this holiday. We hope you enjoy these recipes and that this Halloween is a spook-tacular as you want it to be.



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