9 Tips for the Modern Southern Hostess

A modern southern hostess offers southern hospitality and grace. Those characteristics never go out of style, but the addition of technology adds a few items to our hostess’ list we can offer guests. One key thing to remember as well is that whether a party, dinner or overnight holiday, pictures will likely be taken and shared. Be sure to get your home Facebook ready.

Entertaining Tips

#1 Write your Wi-Fi password somewhere visible and easy to read. Consider a white board or chalk board in the kitchen or on a table. There are a ton of cute DIY whiteboard ideas on Pinterest that can fit any décor. This avoids having guests roam the property looking for signal to post group shots.

Bonus Tip: Write a unique hashtag, (i.e #ourparty) along with the password so everyone can use it to connect party photos. This is very popular for weddings but can be done for any party size.

#2 Stock the fridge with drinks and snacks. Have a variety on hand for guests to easily grab. It will make snacking quick and easy for you and your guests. Let no one go home hungry or thirsty.

#3 Be sure you have enough seating and perhaps an extra or two for anyone unexpected that comes along. A southern hostess welcomes unexpected guests no matter what. This doesn’t necessarily have to be at one dining table, just avoid anyone having to sit on the floor.

#4 Have the Tylenol (or your choice of pain reliever) on hand. I keep mine in the kitchen. It prevents anyone from rifling through your bathroom and is close to the drinking glasses.

#5 Have dessert! Cake is the number one, even if it is a small cake such as Coffee or Bundt. Since these get togethers are often a special occasion indulge a little. Don’t forget coffee or tea to serve alongside.

#6 Thank everyone for coming. Be sure to say goodbye and thank each individual guest for coming. Even if you don’t get much time to spend one-on-one, this recognizes them and their contribution to the event.
Overnight Guest Tips

#7 For overnight guests stock up on extras. Consider having travel size items of things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc. just in case something was forgotten. Consider displaying them or just organizing them well in the restroom.

#8 Add a bit of luxury. Place in the bedroom more luxurious items if you wanted to offer a five-star feeling like slippers, magazines, robes, etc. Stock the bathroom with the best linens. Make the experience Facebook brag worthy.

#9 Keep extra phone chargers on hand. The worst feelings, is to have forgotten your phone charger and having to make every bit of battery last. Keep one for each type of device. They are relatively inexpensive now and are not often changed by the manufacturers.

These tips should help your party or holiday run smoothly. It’s all about convenience and ease for guests and yourself. Really put yourself in your guest’s shoes when it comes to planning. While you don’t need to make it a full luxury resort, pre-planning and prep provides plenty of time for you to enjoy the festivities as well.

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