Tips for planning a Super Bowl Party

January 8th, 2016

Super Bowl Party


Super Bowl parties are a chance to get friends and family together to watch the big game on TV, keep track of favorite commercials during the broadcast, maybe make a friendly wager on who’ll win, and, of course, eat and drink!


Super Bowl parties don’t require too much planning. Basically, make some phone calls and/or send out an invite about two or three weeks before game day, make sure the TV is working properly with good reception, and either supply food and drinks or ask guests to bring certain items in a “potluck” style, which can be set up like a buffet, for the party.


Generally, Super Bowl parties are about football and commercials, right? But take a look at the tables and countertops of food and the ice chests full of drinks, and it’s like you’ve died and gone to mouth-watering heaven. A Super Bowl party is an excuse to eat typical stuff like pizza, wings and chips, as well as try new and interesting dishes, meats, sandwiches, sauces, and dips.


Broadbent’s of Kentucky has some particularly tasty items you should consider bringing to the Super Bowl party this year. How about their microwave-ready Country Ham boneless steaks place on your favorite sandwich bread and top with spicy mayo, pickles and lettuce…now that’s a sandwich.   Check out our new Pepper Bacon Tenderloin for snacking.  If you are serving burgers, top them with Broadbent’s Pepper Bacon (yum!) along with Spicy Mayo, Sweet & Tangy Mustard or Sweet “Dillie” Pickles. See Broadbent’s “tailgate party treats” here:


Since Super Bowl parties typically involve food on flimsy plates in living rooms, make sure you have enough napkins and/or paper towels on hand should someone spill something– which inevitably happens, right?


Finally, if you want to hang up some pennants, have folks wear team jerseys, and decorate using team colors, go for it! Super Bowl parties are a blast.



Written by Laura Oberle

There’s Kentucky country ham, and then there’s Kentucky country ham from Broadbent’s. The makers of award-winning Kentucky country ham, hickory smoked bacon, and smoked sausage. The tradition of making products of the highest quality has been the same for over 100-years. Whether your tastes in Ham flavor is salty or sweet, we’ve got the perfect Ham for your Christmas celebration! Please Browse through our selections, all guaranteed to please!

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