Tips for Choosing the Right Kentucky Derby Horse

April 13th, 2016

Horse Racing As the Kentucky Derby fast approaches, it’s fun to bet on the horses and see if you win money. How do you know which horse to place your bet(s) on?


When choosing a Kentucky Derby horse to bet on, there are some key things to consider.


First, consider where your favorite horse is in the rankings. You’ll want to choose one on their way “up” in the world of competitive racing rather than one who has already peaked. Take a look at stats showing whether or not the horse has consistently competed well in recent races. Look for a horse that often finishes first or second.


Next, you’ll want to choose a horse who can accelerate at the right time during the race. Some horses are known as “plodders” and “grinders.” They’re okay, but you want an “accelerator.” If you have access to information about past races, take a look to see which horse was/is able to literally get faster toward the home stretch, passing others when it most counts.


Also, consider your own judgment rather than relying on advice from someone else. Go with your “gut feeling.” This may be tempered by certain factors, like the weather that day (certain horses do better on wet tracks so rain can be favorable) or how confident the trainer or jockey appears before the race.


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The Kentucky Derby takes place on Saturday, May 7, 2016, so plan your party now..



Written by Laura Oberle

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