Presenting your Holiday Ham

November 22nd, 2016

Presenting Your Holiday Ham

Meat, even if your offering guests a variety of other foods, is still often the center of the table. If your wanting to add visual appeal to compliment your delicious ham, try one of these inspiring ideas. There are 3 basic types of garnishes that you can choose from to present your ham. It is easy to take your individual ham and make it unique to your table.

Big Tip! For best results, know that Country Ham are more difficult to slice. We encourage you to slice it ahead of time, even the day before. Slice thin so that slices will be tender. Arrange slices on your platter and seal it tightly storing it in the refrigerator. A few hours prior to the meal, take the ham out of the fridge and allow it to come to room temperature. Warming or reheating fully cooked country ham can cause them to be dry and tough, warm only a few minutes if necessary.

The basic way to present your ham is simply by placing it on a beautiful platter. It is the first step to making a beautiful table. Ditch the pan, even a glass dish cannot match the elegance of a platter. This is true whether you are serving a whole ham, or ham slices. If your serving slices of ham only, arrange them evenly and strategically so that individuals are easily remove them.

ham dressed

If you want to add more than a simple platter, especially for a whole ham. Try fruit.

Colorful fruit, like you see here, whole or sliced can be arranged quaintly around the ham. Fruit offers a splash of color, and when eaten adds a compliment of sweet to the natural saltiness of ham. Often garnishes are not meant to be eaten, but fruit can be light fare for those wanting to keep their meal on the lighter side. Feel free to add a layer of green Parsley for a bedding.

Did you know? Parsley was introduced because after the meal, individuals would eat it to sweeten their breath.


ham prettyIf fruit doesn’t fit your fancy, you can add whole fall colored vegetables alongside your ham. Here we presented our ham with yellow squash, zucchini and mixture of green herbs. This look generally compliments a traditional fall table layout. While this garnish is not edible, because they are left whole you can easily use them later. You can easily use several varieties of vegetables here, including cherry tomatoes, lettuce, or peppers. You may want to look at your table cloth, and dishes to find a color scheme that will compliment what you’ve already chosen.


ham pretty 2Simply add a side. Depending on your planned side dishes, you could always use a one to garnish around the ham. The most common are hardy or fruit compost style side dishes. Sweet potatoes, Chutneys, Fresh lightly sauced Green beans are just a few options. You may choose to only use a small portion of the dish to garnish and have more available in its own serving dish nearby. It can often depend on the size of your platter, and the size of your ham. Choose your garnish with the understanding of the room you have left to fill on your platter. In the picture to the left, there was plenty of room for several asparagus so the ham is off center on a wider platter rather than a rounded platter.


Garnishing your ham and placing it on a beautiful platter can make the day seem extra special. While it is the meal that we gather for, it is also to take the time to show others we care and be grateful for the many gifts we have been given. We hope you will spend the day with family and friends sharing in the joys of the holiday season.

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, from our family here at Broadbent Hams.





Written by Laura Oberle

There’s Kentucky country ham, and then there’s Kentucky country ham from Broadbent’s. The makers of award-winning Kentucky country ham, hickory smoked bacon, and smoked sausage. The tradition of making products of the highest quality has been the same for over 100-years. Whether your tastes in Ham flavor is salty or sweet, we’ve got the perfect Ham for your Christmas celebration! Please Browse through our selections, all guaranteed to please!

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