Kentucky State Fair 2016

August 23rd, 2016

Beth & Ronny Drennan with Judge Tony Snow & The Grand Champion Ham

The Kentucky State Fair has been around since 1816, but Broadbent came onto the scene a bit later. It has been a tradition to enter a ham in the commercial Grand Champion Ham Competition for several years. Broadbent’s first entered in 1967 and also claimed their 1st Grand Champ Award. This year was our 17th win. It was the 10th win for Ronny and Beth since owning Broadbent B & B Foods. We feel it is a tremendous honor to be named Grand Champion. The Kentucky State Fair Country Ham Competition is second to none. Judge Tony Snow from Goodnight Brothers in North Carolina said “this competition was intense; judging was much harder than I had anticipated it would be”.

August 25th our winning ham will go up for sale at the Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Breakfast. The winner of the ham will choose a charity to receive the money from the winning bid. Contrary to what some may think, we do not actually receive any profits from a winning ham. Instead we receive the accolade, bragging rights, and knowledge that we helped gain a large contribution to a charity that is usually based here in Kentucky.

This year we entered all five country ham classes. Four of the five hams we entered went on to place 1st in their class. The winner of classes 1-4 go on to compete for the Grand Champion and we had three hams in this phase of the competition with our Class 2 ham coming out victorious. Our Grand Champion Ham was put into cure before Jan. 1st, 2016 and weighed approximately 17 lbs. The fifth class is the cut class and we placed 1st in this class. The last class is the Group of Five. Scores for all 5 hams entered by a producer are totaled and the producer with the highest score will place 1st in this class. We continue to enter every year to maintain high level of quality as well as being a part of the Kentucky proud community.

Kentucky State Fair competitions aren’t just for companies or adults. Every year we work with children from local 4-H chapters and assist them with curing their own hams for the fair. This year we worked with 60 children who started curing 2 hams months in advance. Then, roughly a week before the fair they choose the best of their 2 hams then cleaned and shined the hams to be sent in to competition. There were several winners. We are fortunate to be able to give back to the local community in such a fun and rewarding manner.

Watch next week for more information on the Kentucky Farm Bureau Country Ham Charity Auction.

Written by Laura Oberle

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