How to Prep Up Your Leftover Ham

January 5th, 2015

frying Ham Do you and your family prepare and enjoy ham for the holidays? It’s a dinner favorite for so many families across the nation, which results in tons of leftovers for the days and weeks to come after. It’s a good thing that ham is delicious and can be put to good use for breakfast, lunch and dinner when the holidays are over.

Let’s start with breakfast – most important meal of the day and a great place to mix in some ham. In your eggs or omelet you can add strips or pieces of chopped up ham to add a rich, substantial element to your breakfast. Fry the pieces up first with butter and onions for a crispy addition to your eggs, or add them to raw scrambled eggs before cooking to keep chunks of ham fresh and juicy.

For lunch your first thought might be sandwich. That’s definitely an option but what about soup instead? Blend together cubes pieces of cooked, leftover ham with one can of pea soup for a great, healthy lunch. The ham adds salt and meat to the soup while the thickness of the soup is a great base for the leftover holiday meal favorite. If you’re really motivated you can even make the soup from scratch.

Using ham as the main ingredient for dinner is also an option when you have a lot leftover and don’t want it to go to waste. Bring together noodles, cream of potato soup and ham for a delicious and savory casserole. Add shredded cheese for melted goodness and crispy bacon for a salty crunch on top. Done the right way, this dish completely transforms your leftover ham into the star of a new entrée that the whole family will love.

There are so many more ways to eat ham too, without having to use the cold meat in a sandwich. Quiche is another idea for a new take on breakfast and ham salad could easily compliment or replace the pea soup for lunch. It’s no wonder, with all these options, why ham is a personal favorite for so many families during and after the holiday season.

Written by Laura Oberle

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