Food Trucks Cater to the Modern Lifestyle

July 12th, 2016


Since its inception in 2008, the modern food truck revolution has exploded. When it began traditional hot dogs and tacos ruled the roads. Now food trucks are as gourmet as some of the best restaurants in the hottest cities. The main difference is that these trucks can come to you whether a work site, row of high rise office buildings, downtown and even wedding venues. While those unfamiliar may believe these are another form of standard greasy fast food, that is simply not the case.

Many of these trucks are serving a variety of trendy and delicious gourmet style foods. In 2014, Chef Jason Broz saw the potential in the ability to be self-employed along with his wife and began their own business in the contemporary food truck industry. Broadbent specifically does business with Chef Jason Broz the owner/operator of Bac’n Me Crazy. For his truck, he orders hundreds of pounds of our varieties of bacon per week.

Bac’n Me Crazy as its name implies is centered around bacon. The menu offers it in several forms including a Triple Bacon Burger, Chicken Bacon Cutlet, BMC Club, BLT, Ultimate Grilled Cheese, Bacon Cordon Bleu, and a summer salad with bacon. In case that’s not enough bacon, you can get a dessert such as Candy Bacon, Bacon Brownie or Chocolate Bacon.  As the owner of a themed food truck, Jason is always on the lookout to utilize bacon in new ways that appeal to the food truck crowds.Food Trucks Cater to the Modern Lifestyle

One of the most unique characteristics of the food truck style is that it often breeds hybrids. Due to wanting to provide something easy to eat at a picnic table or on the go traditional recipes get a twist. One of the most popular on the west coast is a combination of Korean BBQ and Mexican Tacos.

When it comes to marketing, the plan is as modern as the food truck experience itself. Social Media is the go to strategy, because they offer instant delivery and can be updated quickly and easily. Individuals can follow their favorite trucks to see when and where they will be on any given day.

As the movement worked its way across the nation, this trendy convergences of food styles can be found from east to west. Bac’n Me Crazy is located in Charlestown, South Carolina they can be tracked via their social media sites. We would strongly recommend giving them a try if it’s your home town or just passing through.

If your unable to catch Bac’n Me Crazy, we highly encourage using Broadbent’s bacon and experimenting at home to make your own creations. Whether it’s a new twist on your traditional BLT or adding bacon to a dish you never thought to before, creativity in the kitchen is always fun.

Want to check out Bac’n Me Crazy see their Facebook or Twitter. or

Written by Laura Oberle

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