Tips for Choosing the Right Kentucky Derby Horse

Horse Racing As the Kentucky Derby fast approaches, it’s fun to bet on the horses and see if you win money. How do you know which horse to place your bet(s) on?


When choosing a Kentucky Derby horse to bet on, there are some key things to consider.


First, consider where your favorite horse is in the rankings. You’ll want to choose one on their way “up” in the world of competitive racing rather than one who has already peaked. Take a look at stats showing whether or not the horse has consistently competed well in recent races. Look for a horse that often finishes first or second.


Next, you’ll want to choose a horse who can accelerate at the right time during the race. Some horses are known as “plodders” and “grinders.” They’re okay, but you want an “accelerator.” If you have access to information about past races, take a look to see which horse was/is able to literally get faster toward the home stretch, passing others when it most counts.


Also, consider your own judgment rather than relying on advice from someone else. Go with your “gut feeling.” This may be tempered by certain factors, like the weather that day (certain horses do better on wet tracks so rain can be favorable) or how confident the trainer or jockey appears before the race.


Finally, whether your choice wins or loses, remember betting is part of the fun, and either way, the Kentucky Derby is an excuse to have a party. With that in mind, Broadbent’s offers the perfect foods for your party, including traditional country ham, mint julep, bourbon chocolate and Kentucky Derby Pie! Go to this link to order your Kentucky Derby party foods today:


The Kentucky Derby takes place on Saturday, May 7, 2016, so plan your party now..



Now is the Time To Start Your Kentucky Derby Preparations

Kentucky Derby


Many people have heard of The Kentucky Derby, but some are unaware of the event’s amazing history. For instance, did you know it’s been held the first Saturday in May in Louisville, KY every year since 1875?


The Kentucky Derby is known as “the most exciting two minutes in sports” as three-year-old horses race at a distance of one and a quarter miles. The fastest horse– the winner– gets a blanket of roses draped over it while the owner of the horse gets a huge sum of prize money.


There’s a certain Southern charm to the whole event, complete with ladies dressing up in spring dresses, pastel-colored suits or bold separates that coordinate with their headwear and accessories. Even the men dress up for the event, looking stylish because the event is just as much about who’s there looking good as it is the horse race taking place. It’s a nostalgic, yet exciting American tradition that never gets old!


If you can’t go to the actual Kentucky Derby but you’d still like to have a Kentucky Derby party, Broadbent’s suggests you watch the race on TV while having a nice meal with friends and family at home wherever that is.


Broadbent’s can send you all sorts of goodies for the party. Browse the website here — –to look over the many delectable delights available, including traditional country ham and “beaten biscuits.” For dessert, there’s the Kentucky Woods Bourbon Barrel Cake or Kentucky’s Derby-Pie® Baked by Kerns Kitchen. Yummy!


Bourbon and chocolate go together well for your Kentucky Derby party this year, and Broadbent’s is pleased to sell Old Kentucky Bourbon Chocolates as well as Ruth Hunt Bourbon Balls.


Speaking of bourbon, get a bottle or two of Kentucky Mint Julep Mixer. This drink combines bourbon, syrup, ice and mint leaves and is easy to prepare. You can make a non-alcoholic version by using ginger ale instead of bourbon.


My goodness– Broadbent’s has a nice variety of food and drink items for a Southern-style Kentucky Derby party. Now’s a great time to place your order in time for the big day.



Horse Racing & Country Ham, Kentucky Traditions

Churchill DownsBroadbent Award Winning Country hamTradition is one of the great aspects of the Kentucky Derby. Since 1875 Churchill Downs has been the home of the Derby.  It was started by Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr., the grandson of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  England’s horse racing inspired him to begin this famous Kentucky tradition.  Broadbent’s methods of Dry-Curing Hams come from those same English roots and have been handed down many generations.  Country Ham and the Derby are a steadfast Kentucky Tradition.


Over 150,000 people will attend the derby each year.  The attendees will be quite a mix of celebrities and commoners. Ladies and Gents alike will be sporting the latest fashionable and trendy spring attire.  Country Ham will definitely be on the menu.  It is a time honored tradition that is always in fashion.


Another common fact about the derby and country ham:  The derby is often called the “run for the roses” because the winner is blanketed with 554 red roses.  Kentucky’s annual Grand Champion Country Ham is surrounded by a dozen roses each year at the Famous Charity Auction at the Kentucky State Fair. Broadbent Country Hams have been named the “Grand Champ” 16 times.


In 1973 Secretariat ran the fastest race ever coming in just under 2 minutes at 1:59.4.  But your party is guaranteed to last much longer than that when you serve up Broadbent Derby party selections such as:  traditional country ham, mint julep, bourbon chocolate and Kentucky’s Derby Pie®.  Infusing Kentucky traditions into your derby party allows you and your friends to enjoy the entire race day experience.

Churchill Downs & Country Hams: What do they have in common?

Broadbent Award Winning Country hamChurchill DownsChurchill Downs and Country Hams:  What do they have in common?


Churchill Downs will be the venue for “The Run-For-The-Roses” at the 140th Kentucky Derby on May 3rd and Country Ham will be the main entrée.  If you are unable to attend, don’t miss out on the fun just recreate the atmosphere in your home.  What do you need?  Here’s your check list:  TV to watch the race; Fancy hats to look the part; and Traditional Kentucky Derby Foods to enjoy the taste.    We can’t help you with the TV or the Hat, but you are sure to Win, Place and Show with delicious Derby Party Winners from Broadbent’s.


 The Country Ham needs to be sliced delicately thin and placed on traditional Beaten Biscuits.  Never heard of them, well they are more like an English Biscuit rather than a southern breakfast biscuit.  They are designed to take on the flavor of the ham.  Slice open and fill with the thin sliced Country Ham, let set a couple of hours at room temperature, add a little mustard and they will be ready to serve. 


 Kentucky Hot Brown is another Kentucky delight sure to show up at the Derby.  Check out the recipe here.  Kern’s Kitchen Kentucky Derby Pie® is the perfect desert for your party along with Kentucky Bourbon Chocolates and Pulled Creams. 


Last of all Mint Julep’s are a must.   The mint julep has been promoted by Churchill Downs in association with the Kentucky Derby since 1938. Since 2006 they have served extra-premium custom-made mint juleps at a cost of $1000 each. These mint juleps were served in gold-plated cups with silver straws. They were made from Woodford Reserve Bourbon, using mint imported from Ireland. If you can’t afford that mint julep; try our version made using Old Honey Barn Mint Julep Mixer.


Visit Broadbent Kentucky Derby Party Foods page for quick and easy Derby Party shopping. 



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