Horse Racing & Country Ham, Kentucky Traditions

Churchill DownsBroadbent Award Winning Country hamTradition is one of the great aspects of the Kentucky Derby. Since 1875 Churchill Downs has been the home of the Derby.  It was started by Meriwether Lewis Clark, Jr., the grandson of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.  England’s horse racing inspired him to begin this famous Kentucky tradition.  Broadbent’s methods of Dry-Curing Hams come from those same English roots and have been handed down many generations.  Country Ham and the Derby are a steadfast Kentucky Tradition.


Over 150,000 people will attend the derby each year.  The attendees will be quite a mix of celebrities and commoners. Ladies and Gents alike will be sporting the latest fashionable and trendy spring attire.  Country Ham will definitely be on the menu.  It is a time honored tradition that is always in fashion.


Another common fact about the derby and country ham:  The derby is often called the “run for the roses” because the winner is blanketed with 554 red roses.  Kentucky’s annual Grand Champion Country Ham is surrounded by a dozen roses each year at the Famous Charity Auction at the Kentucky State Fair. Broadbent Country Hams have been named the “Grand Champ” 16 times.


In 1973 Secretariat ran the fastest race ever coming in just under 2 minutes at 1:59.4.  But your party is guaranteed to last much longer than that when you serve up Broadbent Derby party selections such as:  traditional country ham, mint julep, bourbon chocolate and Kentucky’s Derby Pie®.  Infusing Kentucky traditions into your derby party allows you and your friends to enjoy the entire race day experience.

Broadbent’s prized ham auctioned off for $2 million at this year’s Kentucky State Fair

The Million Dollar HamAt this year’s Kentucky State Fair, Broadbent’s Ham was six times more valuable than gold.
The 15.89-pound Grand Champion Ham sold for $2 million on August 21. That same day, 16 pound of gold would have been worth just over $300,000.

Last year’s ham sold for $350,000, and the bidding quickly topped that at Kentucky Farm Bureau’s 51st annual Country Ham Breakfast & Auction.  Enthusiasm mounted as the price rose from $400,000 to $600,000 to $900,000.  Then a timeout was called.  Kentucky Department of Ag’s Warren Beeler sprinted from one end of the room between Steve Trager of Republic Bank and Steve Wilson and Ryan Bridgeman of Hermitage Farms and Bridgeman Foods, conferring with the bidders and making sure his ears weren’t lying to him.

A historical deal was in the works.  The rival bidders had joined forces, bidding $1 million each, totaling a record $2 million dollars for the prized ham.  The money will now go to charities of the buyer’s choice.
The ham was auctioned off after being crowded the Kentucky State Fair Grand Champion Ham, Broadbent’s 16th year winning the crown.  Broadbent’s has come a long way from our humble beginnings. In 1967, Broadbent’s won its first Grand Champion, and the ham was auctioned for $825. This year we broke the record we set in 2010 when our ham sold for $1.6 million.

We’re the most decorated ham in Kentucky, but why take our word for it? Check out what folks in the media have to say…


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