What Side Dishes Go Best With an Easter Ham?

snippyBroadbent’s Easter hams help complete many people’s Easter day celebrations around the country. After all, Easter is typically celebrated with a special dinner, surrounded by friends and/or family. It’s one of the rare times of the year when people from near and far come together to gather around one table to give thanks and celebrate faith, hope and love. Food is a big part of Easter. Broadbent’s Easter hams come ready-to-bake or fully-cooked in a variety of styles including whole, boneless, semi-boneless or sliced.


What side dishes go best with an Easter ham from Broadbent’s? Well, for starters, spring vegetables work well. How about a potato salad? Also, consider a nice lemon risotto with peas, tarragon and leeks. If you and your group of diners like cheese, how about a two-cheese squash casserole topped with crumbled Broadbent’s Pepper Bacon to go with the Easter ham? Or perhaps you could use fresh peas mixed with mint and green onions for a nice combination with the main course. A quick Internet search for side dish ideas and recipes can yield a stunning array of delectable results. Rachael Ray has over a dozen side dish considerations for you at her website.


It’s not unusual for people to have some applesauce with their Easter ham or some pineapple rings to Easter Dinnersadd a unique flavor to the meal. It’s also fun to mix up various veggies and spices to go with the ham, including asparagus and tomatoes, sautéed carrots with sage, or broccoli covered with lemon juice and butter. Add some corn cake, deviled eggs garnished with Broadbent’s Ground Ham or cole slaw to the festivities and you’ve got the makings of a diverse and tasty Easter meal.


Broadbent’s Easter hams include the boneless cooked country ham as well as the conveniently spiral sliced city ham. Don’t forget to add on a jar of Broadbent’s Sweet & Tangy mustard to your order, just in time for Easter dinner. Visit this link to order “fixins” for this Easter here: http://www.broadbenthams.com/Easter-Hams/products/64/