Bacon has more “Good” Cholesterol than “Bad”

August 6th, 2014

Oleic acid is the element to olive oil that earns it such praise for heart health. This monounsaturated fat makes up nearly 50% of the fat in bacon. To say bacon has no other kind of cholesterol in it would be incorrect, as this makes up about 40% of the fat composition. But saturated fats are not necessarily harmful and diet cholesterol minimally affects cholesterol in the blood.  

No One Eats Bacon Alone, Part of the Problem!

Bacon may also have a bad reputation because of the foods with which it’s associated. Typically eaten with eggs, cheese, piles of sugar and even red meat, there is a very small control population whereby the impacts of bacon consumption can be isolated. So instead of eating bacon with pancakes smothered in syrup and 3 eggs, maybe try it on a BLT (light on the mayo) or add it to a salad loaded with delicious veggies.   

Alright so maybe bacon isn’t as bad for you as you once thought. Moderation and healthy sidekicks are the key to enjoying BACON.

Written by Laura Oberle

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