3 Ways to Cook Bacon!

June 28th, 2016

3 Ways to Cook Bacon

When we think of cooking bacon, we probably picture someone standing over a hot stove cooking in a traditional frying pan with grease splattering. This method can be messy to say the least, but it can often be a bit dangerous as well with all the grease popping. As self-proclaimed Bacon experts we want to share some better ways to enjoy bacon. These are placed in order of recommended preference.

#1 In the Oven

This is becoming very popular on Pinterest, and we can see why. This is the best method if your cooking for a crowd or cooking lots of items that need your attention. It can also be the least messy, for easy clean up cover your cookie sheet in foil before lining it with bacon. This is also hands off so there is no flipping required.


Preheat oven to 400° and line your cookie sheet with foil. For less grease and crispier bacon, you can add a metal rack on top of the cookie sheet and drape your bacon across it. Bake est. 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of your bacon and your texture preference. Once it is done to your liking remove from oven and use tongs to safely transfer the bacon to a paper-lined dish that will continue to drain the bacon. Throw away the foil and voila enjoy tasty bacon.

#2 In the Microwave

This method is wonderful for singles or couples who want only a few pieces. It can be an easy step when fixing a dish that requires only a few slices of cooked bacon, such as a salads or sandwiches. This method also proves to be quicker than a frying pan and won’t dirty your stove.


Choose any microwave safe dish and line with at least 4 layers of paper towels, arrange bacon in a single later, then cover with 2 more layers of paper towels. Now, you can buy a specific microwave bacon dish at many retail stores. I personally have one that works wonderfully but without paper towels clean up can be more work than wanted. Set your microwave to high and cook the bacon for 1 minute per slice of bacon. Once the microwave beeps check the bacon’s texture and cook at additional 30 second intervals until it is the exact crispness level desired.

#3 On the Stove

Though it is the messiest, it is traditional. For those who prefer to watch and remove the bacon at that exact right moment it reaches the desired consistency it works well. To cook the bacon quickly and consistently we recommend utilizing a cast-iron skillet. We would also recommend using longer tongs rather than a fork to help possible burn spots on your hands from popping grease.


Using a cold pan, place the bacon slices aligned in the pan without touching. Turn to a medium heat and turn down accordingly as it gets hotter throughout the cooking process. As the traditional bacon begins to turn wavy and shrink flip it over. Flip your bacon slices on a consistent basis to get the most consistently cooked bacon with the least amount of shrinkage. Once it is the desired consistency remove the slices and place them on a paper-lined dish. Be sure to pour out the grease between batches.

Now with the traditional method you will notice Broadbent’s bacon actually lacks the commonly associated sizzle and popping sounds. This is due to our processing method which lacks added water. This is great, not only will it make traditional bacon cooking less messy, it means you are getting 100% meat. The benefit when you fry Broadbent Bacon is it doesn’t shrink or draw up like most grocery store bacons. Instead of sizzle and pop you get a much more robust flavor. We offer several varieties of bacon including Hickory, Pepper, Maplewood and Applewood Smoked bacon.

Written by Laura Oberle

There’s Kentucky country ham, and then there’s Kentucky country ham from Broadbent’s. The makers of award-winning Kentucky country ham, hickory smoked bacon, and smoked sausage. The tradition of making products of the highest quality has been the same for over 100-years. Whether your tastes in Ham flavor is salty or sweet, we’ve got the perfect Ham for your Christmas celebration! Please Browse through our selections, all guaranteed to please!

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