10 Tailgating Tips to Enhance Your Saturday Experience


It’s football season and your Saturday tailgate plan is just as important as winning the big game.  Today’s tailgate is not a sandwich in a brown bag.  Modern tailgating involves a lot of planning and creativity.  Here are 10 tips that will enhance your tailgate experience.

  1. For Quick and easy country ham sliders simply take our Broadbent Sliced Cooked Country Ham that requires no warming and place it on the bread of your choice or grill Broadbent Country Ham Breakfast or Dinner Steaks.   
  2. Turn a cooler into a warming oven for corn on the cob, biscuits or any other dishes that serve better hot.
  3. Mason jars serve many purposes! Use a mason jar to serve cocktails, to store and serve toppings for a taco bar or individual desserts.
  4. To show your school spirit, fill and freeze water balloons in your team colors in place of ice cubes to line dip trays, etc.
  5. Need an extra hand to hold your drink? Hot glue magnets to can koozies and stick them to the side of your vehicle when you need two hands to play cornhole or grab a bite to eat.
  6. Save your six-pack cardboard containers to keep your condiments and silverware organized.
  7. Pop-up folding hampers are great to use as trash cans. They break down and store easily when transporting too!
  8. Use an old laundry detergent bottle with a push button dispenser as a hand washing station. This can set on the side of a table or tailgate and is great when tailgating with kids.
  9. Turn athletic tube socks into gameday koozies. Cut off the foot and ankle portion and keep your drink from sweating.  Support your favorite team with color coordinating stripes.
  10. Bungee cords can serve a lot of purposes. Create a simple paper towel holder by sliding the cord through a roll of paper towels and attaching the ends to a side of a table, the trunk of a car or truck tailgate.

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